BCP Kobylany

Contacts - Border Inspection Post in Kobylany - PL TKO 2

Border Veterinary Inspection Post at the rail border crossing point for commercial trade in Terespol (Kobylany station). 

It is the only one veterinary border inspection post in Poland located on the rail border crossing point, where it is possible to conduct veterinary border checks of animal products from third countries. 

On the border railway station in Terespol, where passenger trains stop, there is no approved veterinary border inspection post and conducting the border veterinary inspection of consignments transported by passenger trains is not possible. 

Border veterinary inspection post in Kobylany (Terespol) is open on weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

It is possible to carry out the controls in other days and apart from hours mentioned above only after consultation with the head of the inspectorate. The controls are carried out depending on the workload at the Border Inspection Post in Koroszczyn and staff resources in the inspectorate



Border Veterinary Inspection
Border Inspection Post in Kobylany (Terespol)
21-530 Terespol

Identification code: PLTKO2

Phone: +48 833 763 689