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Border Veterinary Inspectorate in Koroszczyn includes two border posts for veterinary controls:

and two border posts for veterinary controls at the Polish-Ukrainian border:

The Border Veterinary Officer in Koroszczyn, which is the veterinary administrative body of first degree and at the same time the head of the Inspectorate, supervises the work of the Inspectorate. On behalf of the Border Veterinary Officer border veterinary checks are carried out by inspectors authorized by the Border Veterinary Officer. 

Any comments, complaints and suggestions on the work of the inspectorate, please submit directly to the Border Veterinary Officer in Koroszczyn using e-mail address:, or to the same address from 

I hope that your comments and suggestions helps to improve the work of our Inspectorate and thereby improve the border to carry out veterinary checks. 

Jaroslaw Nestorowicz
Border Veterinary Officer in Koroszczyn

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