The Council of the EU introduce from April 9, 2022 sanctions against road transport companies based in Russia and Belarus, i.e. a ban on road transport of goods in the territory of the European Union, including transit, by carriers and other companies based in Russia and Belarus. Their introduction was decided by the Council of the EU.

As a rule, the prohibition does not apply to:

  • postal services under the universal service mode,
  • goods in transit through the Union between the Kaliningrad Oblast and Russia, provided that the transport of such goods is not otherwise prohibited under EU law (this only applies to companies based in Russia).

There are also other derogations from the prohibition. Each of the Member States may allow road transport of goods to be performed by a road transport company based in Russia or Belarus, if it considers that such transport is necessary for the purpose of:

  • import or transport to the Union of fossil fuels and metals,
  • purchase, import or transport of pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural and food products, as well as fertilizers,
  • humanitarian,
  • the operation of diplomatic and consular representations of the Union and its member states in Russia, or of international organizations in Russia which enjoy immunities, or
  • the transfer or export of cultural goods to Russia that are subject to loan in the framework of cultural cooperation with Russia.

The sanctions do not apply to EU carriers.

The ban does not apply until April 16, 2022 for goods transport which started before 9 April 2022, provided that the vehicle was already in the territory of the Union on 9 April 2022 or must have transited through the Union to return to Russia.