BCP Hrubieszów

Border Inspection Post in Hrubieszów

Border Veterinary Inspection Post in Hrubieszow supports rail cargo crossing point Hrubieszow (PL) – Vladimir Volyn (UA), between Polish and Ukraine.

BIP is approved for inspection:​


    • Straw and hay falling within CN codes 1213 and 1214 can not be controlled in this post, because they are covered by Commission Implementing Decision of December 21st 2011 amending Annex I to Decision 2007/275/EC concerning lists of animals and products to be inspected at border inspection posts under Council Directives 91/496/EEC and 97/78/EC). 

Straw and hay can be controlled only in border veterinary inspection posts approved by the European Commission for the category NHC (NT)

Border Veterinary Inspectorate in Koroszczyn
Checkpoints in Hrubieszów
ul. Nowa 106
22-500 Hrubieszów


Phone :
   +48 846 965 479
   +48 783 923 330

Hours of control: 8:00 – 20:00

Application control:
Before veterinary inspection responsible person or representative must submit the appropriate application to control.